Friday, August 31, 2012

Foreign Classic - Lumikuningatar


AKA: The Snow Queen

  1986 | C: Finland | L: Finnish | S: English | Rated: Unrated | RT: 89 Min. | Fantasy

In this adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's longest story, the beautiful Snow Queen has captured two children and now keeps them apart. She has inserted a sliver of her own special ice into the eye of the boy, so that his heart will turn to ice and will be a proper match for hers. The boy's sister, meanwhile, has won free and attempts to find her brother. When she does, the warmth of her love for him melts his frozen heart and defeats the Snow Queen decisively.

Starring: Sebastian Kaatrasalo

Thursday, August 30, 2012

classic DVD - Devil Times Five

Devil Times Five

AKA: Peopletoys
AKA: The Horrible House on the Hill
AKA: Tantrums

1974 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: R | RT: 88 Min. | Horror

Five extremely disturbed, sociopathic children escape from their psychiatric transport and are taken in unwittingly by a group of adult villagers on winter vacation.

Starring:  Leif Garrett

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8-28-12 TV DVD of the Week


The Walking Dead

The Complete Second Season

2011 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: TV-14 | RT: 578 min. | Drama, Horror, Thriller

Rick negotiates with Hershel to let the group stay on the farm while the others settle in and must contend with an unusual threat. Glenn and a new friend go on a mission. Lori gets some surprising news.

8-28-12 DVD of the Week

You've got a Friend

2007 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: Not Rated | Family

In 1976, 12 year old BOBBY GRAHAM, a recent orphan, moves to Albuquerque to live with his aunt and uncle. Determined to follow in his late father's creative footsteps, Bobby defies his uncle and teams up with the town recluse, Vietnam Vet JIM KLECAN, to build a soap box racing car and compete in the derby.

8-28-12 New TV DVD


Once Upon a Time

The Complete First Season

2011 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: PG | RT: 946 min. | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Emma Swan gets the surprise of her life when Henry, the son she gave up 10 years ago, arrives on her doorstep. Returning the boy to his adoptive mother becomes complicated when Henry reveals a stunning theory to Emma. Everyone in Storybrooke, Maine is a fairytale character under a curse, and Emma - as the long lost daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming - is the one who can save them all. The story unfolds; interweaving scenes of the drama in the sleepy New England town and the inhabitants' past lives in the world of fairy tales. The timeless battle of good vs evil is ready to begin again.


Two and a Half Men

The Complete Ninth Season

2011 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: Not Rated | RT: 528 min. | Comedy

IMDb Link:

Official Site:

The ninth season of Two and a Half Men comes with big changes - and even bigger laughs! When hopelessly nerdish Alan (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones) encounter a nagging cash-flow problem, their solution is to sell their newly inherited beach pad to internet gazillionaire Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher). Soon, the three guys bond, form a substitute family, and experience all sorts of comedic exploits that audiences come to expect from this hilarious hit comedy! 

8-28-12 Foreign Selection


Monsieur Lazhar

2011 | C: Canada | L: French | Rated: PG-13 | RT: 94 min. | Comedy, Drama

Bachir Lazhar, an Algerian immigrant, is hired to replace an elementary school teacher who died tragically. While the class goes through a long healing process, nobody in the school is aware of Bachir's painful former life; nor that he is at risk of being deported at any moment. Adapted from Evelyne de la Cheneliere's play, Bachir Lazhar depicts the encounter between two distant worlds and the power of self-expression. Using great sensitivity and humor, Philippe Falardeau follows a humble man who is ready to transcend his own loss in order to accompany children beyond the silence and taboo of death.

8-28-12 New on DVD

Family of Four

2009 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: Not Rated | RT: 89 min. | Drama

FAMILY OF FOUR is a drama that explores the secret, hidden lives of four family members living under the same roof. A wife and mother who hides her propensity for alcohol, a father and husband who conceals his inner desire for another woman, a daughter who is experimenting with sex, drugs, and drinking, and a son who is so willfully ignored, he creates an imaginary friend as his caretaker. Family of Four: The rise and fall of the American family.


I Am Gabriel

2012 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: Not Rated | RT: 93 Min. | Family

IMDb Link:

An unforgiving sun, a parched earth, and a failed economy have left a small Texas town desolate. For ten years Promise, Texas has known nothing but one curse after another. It's barren, broken, and dying, leaving a town full of despair. When a couple finds a boy walking along a dusty road, alone in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but a mat tucked under his arm, they pick him up in hopes of helping him. What they don't realize is that he has come to help them and the residents of Promise. No one knows who he is or where he came from. Some think he's an answer to prayer. Others think he's a runaway or a false prophet. And the only thing this boy will say about himself is that he's here to help. The town's sheriff, Brody, is determined to uncover the truth. But Brody has his own problems trying to hold a dying town together. Miracle after miracle takes place and the residents of Promise embrace the boy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Classic TV - Skippy

Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo

1967-1970 | C: Australia | L: English | Rated: N/R | RT: 25 min each | Adventure, Family

A very popular series in the 60s. Set in Warratah National Park in the Australian outback. Ed Devereaux played the head ranger responsible for the park. He lived there with his three sons, and their pet kangaroo, Skippy. Skippy was an unusually smart roo and was always on the alert for trouble makers. It was always Skippy to the rescue.

Garry Pankhurstl as Sonny Hammond
Ken Jamesl as Mark Hammond

Friday, August 24, 2012

Forgotten Classic

Will Penny

1968 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: Approved | 108 min. | Romance, Western

Will Penny, an aging cowpoke, takes a job on a ranch which requires him to ride the line of the property looking for trespassers or, worse, squatters. He finds that his cabin in the high mountains has been appropriated by a woman whose guide to Oregon has deserted her and her son. Too ashamed to kick mother and child out just as the bitter winter of the mountains sets in, he agrees to share the cabin until the spring thaw. But it isn't just the snow that slowly thaws; the lonely man and woman soon forget their mutual hostility and start developing a deep love for one another.

Starring: Jon (Gries) Francis as Horace (button)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TV your missing: In with the Flynns

In with the Flynns

2012 | C: UK | L: English | Rated: N/R | RT: 28 min. each | Comedy

In with the Flynns is a British sitcom created by Caryn Mandabach, produced by Caryn Mandabach Productions, and broadcast by the BBC. The first series began broadcast on 8 June 2011 for six episodes on BBC One and in high definition on BBC One HD in the United Kingdom. It is an adaptation of the American series Grounded for Life.

Set in Manchester in northern England, the series stars Will Mellor as Liam Flynn, Niky Wardley as his wife Caroline, and Nadine Rose Mulkerrin, Daniel Rogers, and Lorenzo Rodriguez as their children, Chloe, Steve, and Mikey. Other characters include Liam's brother Tommy (Craig Parkinson) and Liam and Tommy's father Jim (Warren Clarke).

Series 2 of In with the Flynns consists of six 30 minute episodes, and began broadcasting on 17 August 2012 on BBC One.

Shown on BBC One in the UK

2nd season started August 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8-21-12 DVD of the Week

Big Shots

1987 | C: USA | L: English | Rated: PG-13 | RT: 90 min. | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Following the death of his father, suburbanite Obie runs away from home and winds up on Chicago's South Side. After being mugged, he befriends con artist Scam. The two then embark on a Down South adventure involving gangsters, the police, and a search for Scam's father.

8-21-12 DVD Classic

A Hero's Climb

Also known as 'The Climb'

1998 | C: Canada | L: English | Rated: PG-13 | RT: 94 min. | Drama

John Langer (John Hurt), a crusty old civil engineer, has an arsenal full of memories. With irreverent wit, he rattles on, in his humorous style, burning his spicy stories into the imagination of a young neighbor kid, Danny Himes (Gregory Smith). Danny is a gifted, spirited athlete with something to prove. Worldly, old man Langer has turned his back on proving anything at all. Old man Langer and Danny seem an unlikely pair. Their relationship turns from young caregiver/caretaker to student/mentor to comrades on a quest to free themselves from life's inequities and inevitabilities. Danny's father, Earl (David Strathairn), who did not serve in World War II, is considered a coward. Danny excels to overcome his father's reputation, but Earl is actually more of a man than the town knows. This is the story of "A Hero's Climb."

Starring: Gregory Smith